7 Guaranteed Methods To Help You Stop Drinking Alcohol

Help Me Stop Drinking AlcoholYou may have been going on for a while believing that your life is good, but lately you may have found yourself saying “help me stop drinking.” You may be looking for advice or remedies or tips or anything to help you give up booze and make changes in your life to make your life happier and more fulfilled.

The decision to stop drinking alcohol needs to be your choice, but seeking help will involve a lot of love and support from others. People in your life care about you and they will want to help you make changes back to the person you were before you started drinking.

#7 Ginseng Can Help You Stop Drinking

When you decide to stop drinking, you may look for assistance at home through herbal remedies. Keeping symptoms of withdrawal under control can be achieved through the use of ginseng. Ginseng can be found over the counter at most pharmacies and drug stores in pill form.

Ginseng naturally breaks down alcohol in the system and flushes away the toxins that linger in your body through long term alcohol use. It can also lower the rate at which your body absorbs alcohol inside the stomach and digestive tract. Because of these medicinal characteristics of ginseng, it reduces the symptoms of withdrawal but is also a way to manage cravings.

Take ginseng daily, even twice per day if you feel heavy cravings. Since it is easy to find, it is a good starting point for a home remedy to ease the effects of quitting drinking alcohol. It is also a supplement easily taken without change to your diet.

#6 Quit Drinking Alcohol On Your Own By Staying Social

Staying social in the midst of quitting drinking may seem counterproductive. However, creating a healthy social system will aid in making positive choices to stick to your goal. You may have to ask important people, “help me stop drinking” and you will find that people will reach out to assist you.

Try to make plans with the people you have talked to about your goal. They will want to be with you and will help to schedule activities or time together that do not involve alcohol. These people who are helping you will try to keep temptations away.

Social activity will also help to keep you busy and away from booze. Surround yourself with happy people and resist the urge to be home alone or out at the bar. This is a great opportunity to connect with a local community through volunteer work, organized sports or art classes. The key is to find people who will not tempt you with alcohol, but will provide you with healthy interactions.

#5 How To Give Up Alcohol By Deserting Denial

Denial is a common occurrence among people who abuse alcohol. You may convince yourself that you didn’t drink as much as you actually did. You may blame your drinking on other problems in life, not taking responsibility for your own actions. In reality, drinking has probably caused most of the problems and you are just repeating the same mistakes.

You need to stop denying yourself of the truth. Be honest with how many drinks you are consuming. Mark the bottle at the beginning of the night so you can see how far down it is the next morning. Keep your beer bottles and count them when you wake up. Be honest with yourself.

Look at what you are considering problems. If you are using alcohol to avoid them, stop. Confront your problems with a sober mind and stop denying that you use alcohol to mask that pain. It will not be easy, but unless you try to solve a problem, the problem will remain and alcohol cannot fix it.

#4 Using Evening Primrose Is A Proven Trick To Give Up Drinking

Finding the right herbs in the correct amounts to quit drinking may seem difficult. However, there are many common herbs that you can readily find over the counter that will make the process to quit drinking easier. One common herb is evening primrose.

Evening primrose decreases cravings for alcohol by regulating your digestion. You can find it in the form of oil extracted from the seeds. Ingest the oil by taking three drops once per day for about three weeks. You can take the extract directly, or mix it with water.

During this three week period the oil will work at breaking down bacteria inside the digestive tract. Everyone has a build-up of bacteria in their intestines, however with long term alcohol use the bacteria are holding on to toxins that will make your body crave alcohol. Evening primrose will flush that bacteria out of your system, reducing cravings and make the quitting process easier.

#3 Bitter Gourd Is One Of The Remedies To Give Up Booze

Another herbal home remedy to aid with quitting drinking is bitter gourd. The Bitter Gourd is a fruit that can be juiced to utilize the benefits to diminish the signs of alcoholism from the inside out. It can help heal the liver and helps to control cravings for alcohol.

Drink one eight ounce glass of bitter gourd juice every morning on an empty stomach to reap the most benefit from this fruit. If you do not like the taste, you can mix it with milk to make it more palatable. Along with keeping cravings for alcohol at bay, it also resets the functioning of your liver, helping you heal from the inside out.

Bitter Gourd is also known to help control appetite. Along with controlling cravings for alcohol, it will control cravings for foods you associate with alcohol such as high-sugar foods and fried foods. The bitter gourd helps with the quitting process on several levels and is an excellent consideration for anyone who wants to stop drinking alcohol.

    #2 Reduce Alcohol Consumption With Bar Activity

    While you are trying to quit drinking, being in a bar may seem like a bad choice. But if you are taking it one step at a time, you probably don’t want to abandon your social scene either. Knowing what to do and how to act in a bar with less or no alcohol is important.

    Instead of sitting at a table having round after round, bring some cards or a game to play with your friends. This will be more engaging mentally and slow drinking down a bit. It will also offer more meaningful or different conversation.

    You can also engage in bar games such as pool or darts. Getting up and moving about will keep you busy and not drinking as much. Giving up your bar friends cold turkey may not be the best choice, but engaging in some new actives while at the bar will help you in your goal to reduce your alcohol consumption and will keep you in touch with friends.

      #1 Learning From A Relapse Can Help In The Treatment for Alcoholism

      If you have created a goal, either short term or long term, big or small, you may find yourself relapsing. You may go a day or a week or a month without a drink and then give in to temptations and have an all-night bender. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

      Mistakes happen and it may happen to you. Instead of feeling bad or worthless or weak, think about what led to the relapse. Possibly a stressful day with anxiety let you to wanting just one drink to calm down. Perhaps you were at a party and someone who didn’t know you quit drinking offered and you thought “Just one won’t hurt.”

      Whatever the reason, look at the result and how it makes you feel. Think about what you can do to avoid it in the future. Maybe you need to go back to your social settings and ask your friends and family, “help me stop drinking.”

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