How Can I Stop Drinking Alcohol And Get A Better Life?

How Can I Stop Drinking AlcoholYou have all the control in your life, and yet here you are asking yourself, “How can I stop drinking?” No one else is making you drink, so why is it so difficult to stop yourself? You may blame others or stress for your drinking, but really you know that you control it.

Some people may be able to quit drinking cold turkey, but that may not sound appealing to you. There are ways to cut back on alcohol or stop drinking entirely that are simple habits and limitations that you can build upon as you begin your goal to stop drinking alcohol.

#7 You Can Stop Drinking With The Support Of People Most Important To You

Even though the decision to stop drinking is in your control, you are not alone. Other people in your life will help you reach your goal by giving you other things to focus on and by keeping temptation at bay. You need to reach out to a support group of family and friends to help you stop drinking.

Think about the most important people in your life. If they are important to you, then you are probably important to them. They will want to see you become a happier, healthier person and reach your goal to quit drinking. Because of this care, they will help you meet your needs through the entire process.

Make sure to tell this group of people why you want to quit and that you will need their help. These are people you can call on when you have nothing to do and feel the need to drink. Lean on them to help you find alternate things to do besides drink alcohol.

#6 Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own By Writing A List of Rules

As an adult person, you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want. There are rules in your workplace and in society, but at home you call the shots. However, if those shots are turning into alcohol, they could be taking over.

It is time for you to take back control by creating a list of rules for yourself and alcohol. If you’re drinking without thinking about it, it is probably leading to bad habits that are causing you to drink too much. Set boundaries for yourself that you are comfortable with.

Start small with rules about time such as “No drinking before 7pm”. Build from there with rules about amounts such as “Only two drinks per evening.” As you get comfortable in your rule, make another one until you are finally at the point where you can stop drinking or drink with more control.

#5 Best Way To Give Up Alcohol Is By Setting Up Limitations

Part of creating rules for your drinking is setting up limitations for yourself. You will find it easy to break a rule by talking yourself into “just one more drink” or “it’s almost 7:00…I’ll have a drink now.” However if you have asked yourself “how can I stop drinking” then you need to stick to limitations.

The nice thing about limitations is that you get to control them. Cutting back a little is better than not cutting back at all, so every limitation is a victory. You can start with limitations on number of drinks per day, or you could limit yourself to only drinking during special occasions.

It is a good idea to limit yourself such that you never drink alone. This will help to break habits that no one knows about and will also keep you around supportive people more often. Limitations are a slow but steady way to stop drinking alcohol through baby steps.

#4 Quit Drinking Liquor Without AA By Taking A Break

Going to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) will encourage you to quit drinking alcohol completely. This can seem like a lot to handle all at once, so looking at other approaches is important. One idea is to take a break from alcohol once per week.

Start out making one day where you consume no alcohol. Do this for several weeks until it gets easy and doesn’t cause you stress or anxiety. Then take a break from alcohol for two days per week. They can be two days in a row, or they can be spread out.

The key here is that you continue to build until you are taking a break every day of the week. Then your break can be measured in terms of weeks and, eventually, you will no longer feel the need to drink alcohol. This approach helps you to reach your goal to quit drinking literally one day at a time.

#3 Learning To Say “NO” Is A Fantastic Tip To Quit Drinking

If you are a social drinker, you may find that it is difficult to quit just because your friends will constantly offer you a drink. It is very important that you learn to say “No” when offered alcohol and understand that you will not be offending anyone.

People will offer you a drink out of   politeness. If you decline the offer your friends will not take it personally. If you are not comfortable telling them that you are trying to quit drinking, offer another reason why you do not want alcohol.

This does not mean you need to lie. Taking a break from alcohol is a healthy choice and most everyone will understand that sometimes you don’t feel like drinking. Learning to say ‘no’ when offered booze is important and will make the quitting process a lot easier and take away awkward situations with your social drinking friends.

    #2 Give Up Liquor By Eating Three Meals Per Day

    Often people will drink alcohol because they are hungry. Drinking on an empty stomach increases the effects of liquor, doesn’t fill you up, and causes you to drink more. In your decision to stop drinking alcohol, you will need to keep a healthy diet to combat alcohol cravings.

    Make sure that you are eating three or four meals per day. None of them have to be big meals, but keeping your stomach full with healthy foods will help to curb your desire for alcohol. Instead of filling your stomach with booze, fill it with protein and fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Once your body realizes that your stomach is full, it will crave alcohol even less. If you do have a drink after a meal, the food already in your stomach will absorb the alcohol which will make the effects of liquor less intense. You will feel the need to drink a lesser amount and be more satisfied in the long run.

      #1 Drinking Double Fisted Can Become A Cure For Alcoholism

      Drinking double fisted does not sound like a cure for alcoholism, unless one of those drinks is water. Staying hydrated will naturally cause you to drink less alcohol. People often choose an alcoholic beverage when they are thirsty over water, however alcohol will dehydrate you and cause you to drink more and more.

      For every alcoholic beverage you drink, have a glass of water as well. It is a one to one ratio. The water will help you stay hydrated which will then cause you to drink your alcoholic beverage slower and you will drink less overall.

      Although you are asking yourself, “how do I stop drinking?” you need to be honest in your approach. If quitting cold turkey does not sound like an approach you want to take, consider making this one to one water to alcohol change in your drinking pattern. You will find that you are instantly cutting back on your alcohol intake.

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