How To Get Rid Of Alcoholism On Your Own – 7 Proven Ways To Quit Drinking

How To Get Rid Of Alcoholism On Your OwnIt can be incredibly difficult to know how to get rid of alcoholism on your own but as long as you have the right knowledge and support system in place, the process is not as challenging as most people think. There will be ups and downs but it is entirely possible to succeed on your own.

The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to overcome alcohol addiction is that you need to pay close attention to your surroundings and your own personal history with alcohol. You will find that this is a crucial part of the best method to quit alcohol.

#7 How To Get Rid Of Alcoholism On Your Own By Increasing The Amount You Sleep

A little known truth is that the people who get the most accomplished in a day tend to get up early. This will never happen if you’re up late drinking. Give yourself permission to go to bed earlier, even if it’s just by a few minutes each night.

With more sleep under your belt you will likely see a decrease in cravings. There are many things that happen to a sleep deprived body and one of the most common is an increase in unhealthy cravings such as for alcohol, greasy food and sugary snacks.

Additionally, there are many people who only drink in the late hours of the night. If you’re in bed asleep you can’t consume alcohol. You will also help your body to heal from the toxins you’ve been ingesting. Getting healthy on your road to recovery means sleeping more.

#6 Stop Drinking Alcohol Safely By Lowering Your Expectations

Unfortunately, part of the recovery from alcohol will include a period of withdrawal and this is especially true if you choose to stop drinking cold turkey. You may feel anxious or get headaches depending on how much you drank. You may even get very sick if you were a heavy drinker.

Luckily it is much easier to stop drinking alcohol safely when you don’t have high hopes that the recovery period is going to be short or smooth. Get a good picture of how long you’ll need to fight the battle and how many relapses you may have before you start.

As long as you decrease your alcohol consumption slowly and are prepared for setbacks, becoming sober should be within your grasp. If you think you’re going to quit cold turkey and never drink again you may set yourself up for disappointment and therefore return to drinking regularly.

#5 Overcome Alcohol Addiction By Having Help Lines Available At All Times Of Night

As odd as it seems, many recovered alcoholics say that a key part of them learning how to get rid of alcoholism on your own was learning who they could turn to if help was needed for a short period. You don’t have to tell everyone around you or seek medical advice, but you may need a listening ear.

Many in recovery wish someone had been there to talk them out of a drink on at least one occasion. You can have a hotline to call without letting anyone know that you’re on the road to recovery. When that evening night cap is calling to you and you just need to hear ‘no,’ these hotlines can help.

For many people, simply knowing they have the number to call is all it takes to keep from drinking alcohol. To help on your road to recovery try keeping a few of these numbers around to remind you of your mission to become sober and stay that way.

#4 Treatment For Alcohol Addiction Must Include A New Home Atmosphere

Another key step to learning how to get rid of alcoholism on your own is changing your environment. For many of us, simply moving into a new home can be very difficult. You don’t have to move into a new home to create a new atmosphere though.

Instead pick a small area of your home to redecorate. The kitchen and bathroom are excellent spots to start as there are likely reminders here that can be done away with. After a rigorous cleaning pick a new color to paint the walls in to really change it up.

You can also decide to add new pictures or motivational posters on the walls. These can help to pull your focus to healing on your path to sobriety. In addition, throwing yourself into a new home project is an excellent way to keep your mind off of where you’ll get your next drink.

#3 Recovery From Alcohol Can Be Quicker If You Read The Right Material

For many people, finding inspiration can be difficult when looking for treatment for alcohol addiction. This is especially true if a person is already a loner. Because of this it’s not a bad idea to take a walk through your bookstore. You want to start in the self-help section but there’s a good chance you’ll find books elsewhere also.

In the self-help section you can look for books that help you with addiction in specific. You can also find herbal care books, books on health and books on changing habits. Set aside enough time so that you’re not rushed in this search for the right book.

Another source of motivational reading material are true stories of people who have recovered. These can be found in biographies usually. You’ll find some of the most famous people have struggled with alcohol and reading about their path can help you on your way to recovery.

    #2 Stay Sober Using Natural Herbal Supplements Like Passionflower

    Even if you are trying to get rid of alcoholism on your own, you are never truly on your own with internet support. Many will suggest different methods to help you quit. You can also use herbal remedies to help instead of relying on medications or inpatient (or outpatient) rehab.

    Passionflower can give you a wide range of benefits, mostly related to coping with the withdrawal process. Many people experience spasms, delirium or insomnia during this time but if you are taking passionflower, these symptoms will be greatly reduced. Having some of the symptoms reduced can help you stay resolved to quit.

    Passionflower is also incredibly useful in terms of helping you fall into a restful sleep. Sleep will be important during your healing process and therefore very important. It is even versatile enough to work well with other herbal remedies such as Jamaican dogwood, hops, valerian, skullcap and kava.

      #1 Schizandra Herbal Extract Can Be The Best Method To Quit Alcohol

      Schizandra has been used for years to help treat anger, depression and aggression. It also helps with damage to the liver and it is this characteristic that makes it incredibly useful for getting rid of alcoholism. As most people know, the liver is the organ that is most severely affected by drinking.

      In the case of mild to moderate liver damage, Schizandra can help it begin to recover. Moreover, this herb can help the body work through stress, insomnia, weakness and even nervous exhaustion, all of which are problems for recovering alcoholics. Perhaps the biggest contribution is how it helps with an addict’s mental state.

      Although Schizandra can work wonders during the recovery process, you should always be careful when taking anything and do plenty of research because it can affect certain people negatively, especially those with hormone sensitivities. For the most part, however, it is an excellent option for easing your recovery from alcohol addiction and staying sober.

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