How To Give Up Drinking Alcohol On Your Own – 7 Simple Ways To Quit Booze

How To Give Up Drinking Alcohol On Your OwnLearning how to give up drinking alcohol on your own does not have to be a battle. It is true that in most cases, it can be very challenging, but with a few tips and strategies in your mind, it is a lot easier to accomplish your goal.

You simply have to find motivation and figure out why you drink alcohol. Then you will be ready to learn how to swap your activities that involve alcohol out for other options that do not surround drinking. When you know the following ways to give up alcohol, the process is easy.

#7 How To Give Up Drinking Alcohol On Your Own By Finding Motivation

The first of many tips to give up drinking is to find your motivation for doing so. If you have decided to take this step, you will have several reasons behind your action and you need to identify exactly what those reasons are. Knowing your reasons will help you keep your resolve.

Some people will simply give up drinking for health reasons, as they want to avoid permanent damage. Other people feel that they are getting out of control when they drink a couple. Yet still others have entirely different reasons. Whatever your motivation for quitting is, you need to recognize it.

To use this tip to its full potential, instead of just trying to remember your motivation for quitting, actually write down a physical list. Keep it with you at all times so that anytime you want a drink, you can read it and regain your motivation. Meditate on the list when you need motivation.

#6 Give Up Alcohol By Identifying The Root Cause

Anyone that you ask how to give up drinking alcohol on your own will tell you that triggers are crucial. These are the situations, feelings or even people that make you want to drink. For many they simply have one trigger and that is depression. These people want to drink when they get depressed.

In some cases, this depression has gone untreated for so long that it starts to show up in other ways. Perhaps you are drinking to cope with this depression, causing your alcohol consumption to spin out of control. If you are depressed, your best method to quit alcohol is through treating your depression.

You can decide to see a medical professional for treatment of your depression and then start down the road to recovery or you can treat at home. Many will recommend good detox cleanses because not only will they help with your alcohol cravings, but they will help with your depression as well.

#5 Learning Better Ways To Relax Will Help You Quit Alcohol Quicker

Many people use alcohol as a way to relax after a long week or even after a long day. Because of this, one of the best strategies to reduce alcohol consumption is find other ways to relax. If you are able to relax without alcohol, you will easily reduce your intake.

There are almost limitless options of ways to relax that do not involve alcohol. Some people can relax by watching their favorite TV show or movie or reading their favorite book. Others find that going for a long walk outside relaxes them enough to make them forget about alcohol.

If you already have a hobby, try seeing if you can use that as a way to relax. When you are truly out of ideas for relaxation methods, ask your friends and family. Even doing something as simple as talking to them about your day may be enough.

#4 Change Your Usual Hangouts To Avoid Drinking

The location where you hang out with your friends is one of the most common triggers for alcohol so it can be incredibly helpful to change this. If, for example, you routinely meet at a bar or place with a happy hour, this can be a huge factor in your drinking.

Instead of not seeing your friends anymore, suggest that you meet somewhere else. Try a local coffee shop or even offer your home as a meeting place for get-togethers. If your friends truly want you to succeed, they will not mind the switch and will understand your particular needs.

If you find that, you usually drink at home and almost never socially, make an effort to hang out with your friends more often outside of your home. By staying away from the location you drink most often, you will be better able to resist the urges to drink.

#3 Set Up Achievable Goals To Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Even something as simple as giving yourself achievable goals will make a huge difference in staying sober. Many people who give up on their attempt to stop drinking do so simply because they feel that the task is too daunting. If you do not know where to start you will have a hard time quitting.

To make it more manageable, do not consider the final goal to be your no longer drinking. Instead, consider each intermediate step. The first step in learning how to give up drinking alcohol on your own is by slowly reducing your intake. Maybe your first goal is to reduce by one drink a day.

Start with either cutting down on the number of drinks in one sitting or the amount of times you drink a week. After that, give yourself a short-term goal of not drinking for a week. When you accomplish it, you will feel encouraged and be motivated to continue.

    #2 Cayenne Supplement Can Help You Stay Sober

    If you want to know natural ways of how to give up alcohol, you should consider getting spicy. Cayenne, which is also called capsicum frutescens is an ideal addition to your natural healing. If you have been a heavy drinker there’s a solid chance you’ll have withdrawal symptoms when you quit.

    Cayenne can help with a gnawing stomach and trouble vomiting. It will also help to reduce cravings for alcohol and promotes appetite. In addition, it can help relieve a person of anxiety, exhaustion and irritability so they are able to heal more efficiently even with single doses.

    It will also help to speed your metabolism up, which in turn will help your liver to clear away all the toxins faster. Studies have shown that even adding just a tablespoon of hot sauce to your meals daily can boost your metabolism enough that you lose weight 5% faster.

      #1 Adding Artichoke To Your Diet Can Help You Cut Back On Alcohol

      Another common herbal remedy to help you give up alcohol on your own is artichoke. Throughout the years, this herb was to help treat mild to moderate liver problems although it is not as effective with the severe medical causes as it is building health.

      In addition to helping your liver recover, artichoke will improve your liver’s capabilities of removing the alcohol from your blood. This supplement can even help you reduce your cravings for alcohol. You will find a couple of different ways you can prepare it as well.

      It will help to protect the liver as well as improve its function as it flushes the toxins from your body. The compounds it contains help to regenerate your liver cells and aid in liver digestion thus promoting nutrient assimilation for the rest of the body.

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