How To Quit Drinking Cold Turkey On Your Own – 7 Practical Tricks To Cure Alcoholism

How To Quit Drinking Cold Turkey On Your OwnA drinking problem can be very serious and it is important to know how to quit drinking cold turkey on your own. Different people respond better to varying methods of staying sober and going cold turkey is just one option. This may mean you have to try several things before finding one that works.

Although there has been much debate, there are many effective ways to reduce alcohol consumption that can help you quit drinking cold turkey. This is an ideal method in certain situations but does require a great deal of willpower. It will also require some research.

#7 How To Quit Drinking Cold Turkey On Your Own By Making A Personal Choice

No matter how you plan on getting over your alcohol addiction, the most important first step is choosing to quit. If you are not fully committed to quitting, you may turn back to alcohol at the first sign of difficulty. Carefully think about some your reasons for quitting and even consider writing them down.

It is possible to overcome alcohol addiction but in order to do so you must be committed to the process. You should ideally have several reasons in your mind explaining why you want to quit and be able to bring these up as needed. Some people write their reasons on paper and hang them where they’ll see them every day to get through quitting.

After you choose to quit alcohol, you need to think about how to stop drinking cold turkey and decide if this method is truly right for you. Although it works well for many people, it can be more emotionally challenging at times than gradually reducing your alcohol intake.

#6 Stop Drinking Cold Turkey By Eliminating Temptation Triggers

Once you are committed to quitting, it is time to learn how to quit drinking cold turkey on your own. The first step is to remove all alcohol from your home or apartment and this step is crucial. Any alcohol that is present may lead to temptations that are difficult to overcome.

What some people don’t realize, however, is that in addition to removing alcohol from your home, you must also eliminate any alcohol related objects. If you have coasters, t-shirts, wall hangings or other items that feature alcohol or brand labels of alcohol products, you should get rid of them as well.

You won’t need to permanently get rid of these objects so consider putting them in storage. You can also ask a friend to keep them at their place until you are farther along in the process of quitting. At this point you should be able to resist the temptation presented by the objects.

#5 Quit Drinking Liquor Naturally Using Ayurveda

Ayurveda was originally started in India and used to treat liver problems along with other health issues. Now it is often used as a possible best method to quit alcohol. That is because it can improve your liver function greatly and this is especially true if you have mild liver damage.

Therefore if you haven’t already damaged your liver and other organs too badly, ayurvedic medicine may actually help reverse the problems caused by alcohol. Experts are still in the planning stages of studies to see how well it helps with withdrawal but some people have claimed it does.

When finding out how to quit drinking cold turkey on your own you should at least consider taking herbs and alternative medicine. It is safe unless you have allergies or hormone sensitivities and may ease your withdrawal symptoms. At the very least, it will help restore your liver functions to their previous healthy levels.

#4 Kudzu Supplement Is An Effective Way To Reduce Alcohol Consumption Naturally

Another way to quit drinking liquor naturally is by taking Kudzu. This is a traditional Chinese medicine that has been used for over 1,300 years. Kudzu is a rot tuber and within the wild vines you can find daidzin. This chemical compound is a common ingredient in herbal medications for alcohol addiction.

Kudzu’s current use in herbal medications shows that it can decrease the cravings for alcohol. This is crucial for those doing their best to quit on their own without the help of drugs. In addition to helping reduce cravings, Kudzu can also reduce withdrawal symptoms making the process more comfortable.

So far studies about Kudzu’s effects on humans have been slightly mixed but they were overwhelmingly positive in animal studies. In one study on humans, people who had a kudzu supplement for a week had a significantly smaller amount of beer during this time. This is because it helps to reduce cravings.

#3 Overcome Alcohol Addiction With The Help Of A Support Network

If you truly want to be successful in quitting drinking cold turkey, you will need a strong support network. That is because stopping drinking requires a great deal of willpower and this is especially true when you do so all at once. Even without a professional you’ll need friends and family.

Your support network should be there to give you encouragement when you feel as if you really need a drink. They will tell you that you can do this and remind you of the reasons you want to quit. There may be times you need someone to talk you into putting the drink down.

There are many options for a support network but it is most crucial to have your family and friends involved. You can also consider joining a support group for others who are quitting alcohol cold turkey as they are going through the same situation as you.

    #2 Keeping Yourself Busy Can Make You Stay Sober

    Many people end up drinking when they are bored and because of this, it is crucial to keep yourself busy when trying to stay sober. If you have an interest, whether it is dancing or building racecars, pursue it. You’ll need to create new habits to stay active without alcohol.

    If your time is currently consumed by drinking, then you should work to get a new hobby. Consider learning a new language, reading, going for long walks or playing a sport. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do as long as you stay busy. Staying sober will mean creating new habits from the ground up.

    When you are busy, you will not only eliminate drinking out of boredom, but also prevent yourself from dwelling on the lack of alcohol in your life. You can’t miss drinking if you don’t have time to do so. Now is the time to take up that hobby you’ve always wanted to pursue.

      #1 Quit Alcohol by Finding Ways To Avoid Hard Situations

      The final thing to do when you decide to quit drinking cold turkey is to avoid any difficult situations. This means that if you know there is a party where alcohol will be served and everyone will be drinking, try skipping it. Avoiding the situation means avoiding the booze.

      Avoid going out to bars or hanging out with friends that drink a lot. Instead, try to spend more time with your friends that never drink or only do so occasionally. Look for activities where alcohol is not part of the main draw. You may need new friends along with the new habits you’re creating.

      Over time it will become easier to resist the urge to drink and you can go to parties, bars and other difficult situations with temptation but you need to wait until you are sure you are ready for this. Ideally the first time you enter one of these situations you should have a member of your support system with you to keep you strong.

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