How To Stop Binge Drinking On Your Own – 7 Reliable Ways To Give Up Liquor

How To Stop Binge Drinking On Your OwnDrinking is a very common problem and some people may find learning how to stop binge drinking on your own to be a daunting task. There are many methods available through a quick online search but most people realize that not all of them will work. However, there are some that do work.

If you want to know the best method to quit alcohol, you will have to combine several strategies. You cannot possible learn how to stop binge drinking on your own before you recognize that you suffer from this problem and only then will you be able to take steps to quit.

#7 How To Stop Binge Drinking On Your Own By Recognizing The Problem

Although many people have heard that the first step to solve a drinking issue is recognizing that there is a problem, not everyone fully understands what this includes. It is true that one of the first things you will learn about how to quit binge drinking is knowing you have a problem but this is not the only element of it.

In addition to recognizing that you have a problem with binge drinking, you must also know why binge drinking is harmful and this knowledge should focus on the harmful health effects. When you can’t figure out how to stop binge drinking on your own consider the short term consequences you have noticed. You probably wake up to hangovers, vomiting, memory loss, shaking, nausea or worse.

By binge drinking you won’t only see short term affects; you will notice long terms ones as well. You may develop an addiction to alcohol or simply continue your binge drinking. You can also damage your liver and brain and cause mental health problems. Once you have recognized all these potential problems, you are ready to truly take the time to learn strategies to reduce binge drinking.

#6 Avoid Binge Drinking By Addressing Your Triggers

Once you are committed to staying sober, the first thing you need to do is identify your triggers. These are the things that generally lead you to start a binge drinking session. In the beginning triggers may be something such as simple curiosity but they tend to evolve over time.

Another common trigger for over drinking is peer pressure, either directly by people encouraging you to drink or indirectly by being at a party where everyone else is drinking. There are many other social triggers for binge drinking such as drinking games, bars, darts, and pool and even dancing.

Some people will find that depression or boredom can also be one of their triggers. Once you find your triggers for binge drinking, you need to do whatever you can to avoid them. If it is too hard to eliminate all triggers at once, do so one at a time.

#5 A Good Ways To Stop Binge Drinking Is To Learn About Drink Sizes

Even people who make a conscious effort to avoid binge drinking will sometimes do so accidentally simply because of a lack of knowledge. They may also get overly excited from a social event. Although the definition of binge drinking can vary slightly, it is crucial to know drink sizes.

By being aware of drink sizes, you can more accurately keep track of how many drinks you have and know if you are going overboard. Remember that if you decide to simply reduce your intake of alcohol, you should be careful when drinking in public settings as not everyone pours out standard quantities.

The standard size of a beer (considered one serving) is 12 ounces. For malt liquor (which is around 7% alcohol) it is 8 to 9 ounces. Table wine has a serving size of 5 ounces and hard liquor is only 1.5 ounces. These sizes can help you keep track of what you’re consuming.

#4 Drinking Non-Alcoholic Beverages Can Help You Cut Back On Liquor

One of the most important things to remember when learning how to stop binge drinking on your own is that you don’t have to just drink alcohol. There are also plenty of non-alcoholic beverages to choose from. Sometimes people will grab a drink simply because they’re sick of drinking water.

If you want to stop cold turkey, then consider only drinking soda or even “virgin” versions of your favorite cocktail. If you choose to take a more gradual approach, make sure your first drink of the night is always non-alcoholic. Keeping plenty of tasty drink choices around can help you quit.

After that, always have at least one non-alcoholic drink between alcoholic ones. This will greatly reduce your alcohol consumption and help you easily reduce your binge drinking without completely cutting out alcohol. Eventually you can further increase your number of non-alcoholic beverages and decrease the alcoholic ones.

#3 Having The Right People Can Make Quitting Alcohol Easier

Although you want to stop binge drinking on your own, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get help from those around you. It is nearly impossible to stop a habit like this one without a support system. You’re going to need to rely on friends and family to understand so you’ll need to open up to them.

You should ideally have at least one or two people that you can call when you are bored or depressed so you won’t turn to alcohol. They should be willing to accept a call from you at (almost) any time and talk you through your decision.

Your support system should also include people that don’t need to drink to have fun. One of the ways to stop binge drinking is to limit your exposure to alcohol and that only works if your friends and family cooperate. This means it’s important to think about your social events.

    #2 Consume Goldenseal Herbal Extract And Stay Sober

    One of the best tips to stop binge drinking is to rely on the herbal supplement goldenseal for assistance. This supplement fights the alcohol sugar cravings that you experience. It can do this because it kills the candida (bacteria) which cause these cravings. It helps to rebalance your system.

    Although not everyone realizes it, binge drinking can frequently be triggered by these alcohol sugar cravings and simply by ingesting goldenseal on a regular basis, you can reduce the effect of these cravings. When the cravings are reduced you’ll be less likely to consume.

    Another way that goldenseal helps is with its bitter taste that deters your cravings. Because of the bitterness, however, you should consider taking goldenseal only as a capsule to avoid unpleasant flavors. A bitter taste may keep you from taking it which will delay your recovery.

      #1 Milk Thistle Is A Great Natural Remedy For Curing Alcoholism

      Another herbal supplement that can do wonders with helping you stop binge drinking is milk thistle. This herb is especially useful during the detoxification stage as it makes it much easier for your body to adjust to being free from alcohol. It’s important to take regularly so you can heal when recovering.

      In addition to assisting with detox, milk thistle can improve your liver functioning. This in turn will increase the amount of alcohol that the liver can remove from the blood. By consuming milk thistle regularly, you can avoid occasional hangovers and other mild disorders.

      It will also encourage you to stop drinking by making the transition much easier on your body. You should, however, be sure to get only the best milk thistle as the better the quality of the herb, the better the likelihood is it will work for you is.

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