How To Stop Drinking Alcohol Safely On Your Own – 7 Powerful Ways To Quit Liquor

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol Safely On Your OwnLearning how to stop drinking alcohol safely on your own can be a painful experience. There are many programs help, but some people prefer to handle the problem on their own. There are ways to handle this difficult prospect without help, but it is always useful to have family or friends to talk with.

In order to learn how to quit drinking safely and succeed you will need perseverance and tenacity. Alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous and can cause physical pains. Staying focused is the key to recovery. Here is how to safely stop drinking without the aid of a group or rehab center.

#7 How To Stop Drinking Alcohol Safely On Your Own With Aloe Vera

Antioxidants can help purge your body of the remaining alcohol and keep you from wanting to take a drink. One of the most highly recommended is Aloe Vera. This wonderful herb can also boost the strength of your immune system and liver processing power.

Many other antioxidant rich foods can help you through detoxification after you stop drinking. Things like blue berries can help curb cravings for alcohol as well. However, the best of these is Aloe Vera, as it helps repair some of the damage caused while you were an alcoholic.

Two to four ounces of Aloe Vera a day will help your body expel any remaining alcohol in your body, so it is easier and safer to go through the detoxification process. It is no miracle cure for alcoholism. However, it is a great way to learn how to stop drinking alcohol safely on your own.

#6 Stop Drinking Safely By Including More Vitamin C In Your Diet

Vitamin C deficiency is associated with alcoholism on many occasions. Heavy drinkers and chronic alcoholics are at an increased risk of having dangerously low Vitamin C in their diet. This is a reciprocating trend in the body, as this vitamin detoxifies and purges the body.

Large amounts of Vitamin C also flushes the body very quickly. This is why it is often also used as a cold or flu remedy. In several cases, this vitamin is a powerful antitoxin in the human body, and alcohol is essentially a poison. It is one of the most critical vitamins.

Continuing to ingest Vitamin C throughout your detoxification experience will also make it less painful and dangerous. This vitamin helps to clean out and repair damage to the spleen and liver caused by drinking. In all, it is a fantastic way stop drinking safely.

#5 Quit Drinking Naturally With The Help Of Yoga

Centering your mind and focusing your body for sober life is a great way to learn how to give up alcohol safely on your own. One of the best ways to do this is to take a Yoga class. This meditate exercise is an amazing way to begin sobriety.

It is an unfortunate fact that many heavy drinkers end up gaining a few pounds. This added weight tends to sit near the heart, adding additional heart disease complications. Dropping that added weight with Yoga is one of the best solutions. It also helps you to digest added vitamins and nutrients when you exercise every day.

Yoga is more than just a physical exercise however. It helps train willpower and focus, helping you along the path to recover even more. The exercise itself is extremely relaxing and reduces stress. Lastly, taking a class will help you get out into the world as a sober person.

#4 How To Stop Drinking By Slowly Reducing Your Consumption

If you are willing to give it a little time, there is a much less painful way to stop drinking. Firstly, you will not want to stop altogether. Reduce your consumption over time, making sure you mark and track your intake. Count how many drinks you are having a night and keep track so that you’ll know how to start reducing.

Reduce the amount you drink by about one-half every day. Over the course of a week, you should be drinking only one beer or shot a day depending on what you were consuming. Then keep this consumption for about one week, and take niacin and vitamins during this time.

Lastly, after about three weeks, it is time to completely cease. The small steps should reduce the detoxification effects, and your urges to drink. It will keep you from experiencing most of the physical pain from quitting, and remove the danger of psychosis. It will help you stay sober in your journey of how to safely quit drinking.

#3 Give Up Alcohol Safely Using Meditation

The most dangerous thing an alcoholic can do on the path to sobriety is to have a breakdown. These can range from just going back to drinking in the spur of the moment, to actual paranoid delusions. Quitting immediately without any supplemental aids or mediation can be very distressing on the mind, and taxing on the body.

Meditation is what most doctors consider a homeopathic cure. However, most of the breaks seen in alcoholics are cascades of emotion built-up. Thinking with a clear head can be dizzying for people who have not experienced detox and meditation helps center those thoughts and work through problems when learning how to give up alcohol safely.

It is easier to handle tense or difficult situations where you may have had a drink, when you use meditation. It allows you to actualize your goals with a more focused mind and gain a stronger grasp of how to achieve them. Meditation is a highly recommended course if you are quitting alcohol.

    #2 Staying Hydrated Will Help You Stay Sober

    How much water you drink in a day, can make a big difference in how to stop drinking safely on your own. Water is a powerful flushing agent, and it is important to drink eight, eight-ounce glasses of water a day. It also helps parts of your body such as the liver and spleen recover from excessive drinking.

    When you are first detoxifying, your body is going to need a lot of water to push out all of the remaining traces of alcohol. Up to ten, eight-ounce glasses is appropriate if you are stopping on your own. This will also increase the absorption of other nutrients and vitamins you are taking.

    While you drank, it is likely that water was not a primary beverage. By not ingesting enough water regularly, especially with the strain alcohol puts on the liver, the organs that clean out this poison can be disabled, or easily diseased. It may sound like too simple of a solution, but lots of water contributes to staying sober.

      #1 Quit Alcohol By Combining The Right Tools

      In all, quitting drinking is largely about personal willpower. If you truly want to quit, it is much easier. Make an oath to yourself and your loved ones to quit, and talk to them often about it. Moreover, create steps and follow through on your plan so that you can become sober.

      When you are on your journey to become and stay sober, you may find that some things simply do not work. The important thing is that if something does not work you try another step in staying sober. Many people will not take to yoga, so something else is for them.

      When this is the case, then trying a different kind of exercise may be the right ticket. If you do not do well with meditating then there may be another way to work through the stress. If you keep looking for the best method to quit alcohol, you will find the right path and tools to get you through.

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