How To Stop Drinking Beer On Your Own – 7 Easy Ways To Quit Alcohol

How To Stop Drinking Beer On Your OwnDrinking is a difficult habit to break, and many people have asked how to stop drinking beer on your own. Many people do not want to go through the twelve steps of recovery used by Alcoholics Anonymous or go to a rehab center. As long as there are no serious symptoms of alcohol addiction, you can manage this monumental task of how to quit drinking beer on your own.

Alcoholism boils down to how the body and mind reacts to internal and external stimulus. Once you realize these cravings, and what triggers them, you can overcome the draw to have a drink.

#7 How To Stop Drinking Beer On Your Own By Identifying Your Personal Triggers

How to stop drinking beer on your own basically boils down to stopping the cravings, or at least recognizing them for what they are. There are two types of triggers, external stimuli and internal stimuli. You’ll want to make note of these to get through quitting.

The first thing to do before a person quits drinking beer, is to record all of the things that make them want a drink. If they simply get a beer before bed, or during dinner, they can try something similar like ginger ale or root beer.

Oftentimes, the more bitter sodas will help mitigate cravings. If you are drinking for other reasons, consider these steps when looking for the best method to quit alcohol. You can also try club soda or non-alcoholic beer.

#6 Quit Drinking Beer By Addressing Your Cravings

External stimulus includes stressful situations, other people drinking around you, and sometimes meals. After you have identified what is most likely to start a craving, if it is external, you should try to avoid the scenario. While this is not always possible to remove yourself from these situations, most people will understand.

Internal stimulus include things like self-reflection and some negative emotions. These are harder to remove yourself from. Lots of things can trigger the urge to drink, so recording what you are feeling or doing can help determine the cause.

If you have been drinking as a regular habit, quitting cold turkey can be hard. Not only can it be difficult, it can also cause some marked health problems. Extreme alcohol addiction can cause painful and even deadly withdrawals. People may want to ease into quitting for a better chance at maintaining sobriety.

#5 Small Steps And Small Goals Can Help You Stay Sober

The best way to learn how to stop drinking beer on your own, is to reduce consumption slowly. Identify the triggers, and avoid using alcohol in those situations first. Drink a beer before you go to sleep, or while relaxing, but do not do it reactively.

If you have a habit of drinking eight or so beers a night, reduce this by about one every few days. Two or three beers is the most highly recommended for reducing your consumption. It will keep some alcohol in your system so you do not suffer extreme withdrawal symptoms.

You won’t be quitting cold turkey but are continuing to reduce consumption, therefore starting the process. During this time, be sure to continue recording what is making you want to drink. This will help you define when you normally would drink, and how to avoid situations that create cravings.

#4 One Of The Best Ways To Stop Drinking Beer Is By Weaning Yourself From Other Kinds Of Alcohol

After you have reduced consumption to one or two drinks, begin stretching them out if you still feel like you cannot quit cold turkey. At this point, it is often best to try simply quitting. Even if you do not have the ability to stay sober all of the time, it will give the body a chance to acclimate to being sober.

Being sober can be a harrowing experience, especially if you have been drinking for many years. Be aware that you will make some mistakes, so do not be overly hard on yourself. These negative feeling can drive you back to old habits.

It is important to note that you will likely fail a few times before staying sober sticks. Do not give up. Perseverance is the key in ways to stop drinking beer. Many people don’t want to seek help but even a friend’s listening ear may be just enough to get you through the hard times.

#3 How To Give Up Beer For Long Periods Of Time By Staying Busy

One of the best ways to stay sober, is to stay engaged as much as possible. Make sure you are doing things that you enjoy and that keep you occupied. One of the most common causes of a relapse, is you get bored and are attempting to enhance your life.

As you stay sober for longer periods of time, you will notice that it is easier to avoid imbibing. This is because your body will not react the same way to cravings. Often if you do not think about how to give up alcohol, and stay engaged in a worthwhile activity, you may not even think about a drink for days at a time.

Every time there’s the urge to drink, stop and think about why you are experiencing it. Continue keeping a log of what causes you to think about drinking, and what helped you to work through the cravings. This can help in pursuit of how to reduce alcohol consumption and engages the mind in problem solving.

    #2 How To Reduce Alcohol Consumption By Taking The Herb Milk Thistle Regularly

    Part of what goes into alcoholism is the body gets used to a state of toxicity. In order to help shake the cycle you can use the herb milk thistle which has powerful detoxification properties. The herb helps the liver to eliminate alcohol from the system.

    Reports from the University of Maryland’s Health Center have confirmed that Milk Thistle has the ability to remove toxins from the liver. The studies have also shown that there has been significant liver function improvement when milk thistle is used to treat alcoholic liver disease as well.

    Some people take the herb as a capsule while others prefer liquid extract. It can also be taken as a tincture. Before starting a milk weed supplement you should make sure you aren’t allergic to ragweed or suffer from hay fever. It is also recommended you make sure your herb comes from a reputable source.

      #1 Quit Alcohol Using The Chinese Herb Kudzu

      Kudzu has been used for more than 1,300 years to treat hangovers, headaches and dependency on alcohol. In fact, the name when translated from Chinese, loosely means ‘drunkenness dispeller.’ It is a white, starchy vine that has tubers that are used to make an extract or compound.

      The root is full of daidzein, dadzin, and puerarin, three of the important isoflavones. There have been numerous studies indicating that taking this herb helps to curve alcohol cravings. In fact, some of those who were involved with the study found they lost all desire for alcohol.

      Though there is some speculation as to the exact workings of the herb, most believe it speeds up the rate in which alcohol enters the bloodstream therefore tricking the body into thinking it’s consumed more than it actually has.

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