How To Stop Drinking Wine On Your Own – 7 Time-Tested Ways For Leaving Booze

How To Stop Drinking Wine On Your Own
Considering how to stop drinking wine on your own can be a daunting task, especially depending on how much you currently consume and what your habits are. The good news is that it is entirely possible to do give up wine without professional help with the right mindset.

All you need is a bit of willpower and knowledge of facts and tips to stop drinking wine. Once you know what to do, you should find the process of quitting your wine habit to be much simpler and here are some steps to help make it even easier.

#7 How To Stop Drinking Wine On Your Own By Making It The Priority

The most important part of learning how to quit drinking wine is to make it your number one priority. Depending on how much of a habit your wine drinking currently is, it can take a large effort to stop drinking. You will need to learn completely new habits in some areas of your life.

For you to see results, you need to concentrate on giving up wine. Try to keep the fact that you are not drinking wine in the back of your mind and if anything seems to get in the way of it, remember which thing is the priority.

If for example, you are out with friends and they decide to toast to a recent accomplishment, you may be tempted to join them in support. When you remember that stopping drinking wine is your priority, however, you will quickly realize that you should opt for water or another non-alcoholic beverage for the toast instead of wine or champagne.

#6 Quit Drinking Wine By Getting Rid Of Your Stash

People who drink wine often enough where they feel the need to quit generally have a stash may find quitting difficult. Assuming you are one of these people, one of the first steps in the best method to give up wine is to get rid of your entire wine stash.

If you plan to never drink wine again, then try dumping it down the drain. If that feels wasteful, consider giving the bottles to your friends but make sure they know that they cannot drink it in front of you, at least not for a few months.

Some people look into how to stop drinking wine on your own simply to get it out of their systems. In this case, they plan to drink it again in the future, but in moderation. If this is the case, consider giving most of your wine to friends and asking them to store bottles for you.

#5 Letting People Know What You’re Dealing With Can Make Recovery From Alcohol Faster

A key step in the best method to quit alcohol is to let people around you know about your intentions. This will help reduce the surprise they feel when they see you are not drinking. In turn, it will lessen their comments of surprise, which could catch you off guard and make you want to drink.

Telling those around you about your plans to quit will also help give you a support network. If your friends and family know you are not drinking anymore, they will not offer you a glass. Even better, they will give you the encouragement you need to turn down a glass of wine at a restaurant or gathering.

When you let people know your plans for staying sober, it also increases your accountability. Most people will try harder to succeed in a goal if others know about it. You will not want to be embarrassed by failure and will also avoid the feeling of letting down the people you love.

#4 Choose The Right Companions To Help You Stop Drinking Wine

Another important aspect that you will learn about when in pursuit of how to give up drinking wine is to choose your companions carefully. If you have friends that have a glass or two of wine with every meal, you should definitely avoid dining with them at least for some time.

Some of your acquaintances are responsible for the quantity of wine you drink by doing things like saying you should have “just one more glass of wine.” These are the friends you should avoid spending time with for the moment because they will make your road to recovery harder.

In the beginning, giving up wine can be incredibly difficult and if you are around people who are not supportive, it will be even harder. Instead, choose to spend time with people who do not drink or those who you trust not to drink around you. Look for friends or family members that have fun without alcohol.

#3 List Down The Reasons Why You Chose To Leave Wine

Another thing that can help you stop drinking wine on your own is to take the time to think about why you chose to quit drinking alcohol. Make sure you understand your reasons and that some of your friends or family are aware of them as well.

To take this step even farther, consider physically writing the reasons out in a paper list. Keep the list with you at all times so if you get discouraged and feel that you need a glass of wine, you can look at it to regain motivation and resolve in your decision to quit.

You should also consider posting the list somewhere in your home where you will see it on a daily basis, such as next to the bathroom mirror or on the refrigerator door. This will allow you to start each day in the proper frame of mind to stop drinking.

    #2 Thiamine Supplement Will Help You Stay Sober

    Just because you want to know how to stop drinking wine on your own doesn’t mean you can’t use the tools around you for help. The vitamin B1 is a supplement that is a useful tool because it can make it much easier to abstain from alcohol.

    Thiamine is important for metabolism of sugar and a deficiency in B1 is associated with alcoholism. It is critical to the functioning of certain biochemical processes specifically in the brain. When you are deficient in this critical vitamin, you will have a much more difficult time controlling cravings.

    You can find this vitamin in beans, meat such as pork, rice, nuts, peas, soybeans and bran. If you do not want to adjust your diet to encompass consuming more vitamin B1 then you can simply get more from over the counter vitamins in your system to help combat your cravings.

      #1 Turmeric May Be The Best Natural Remedy To Quit Alcohol

      Another high quality natural method to quit alcohol is Turmeric. This natural herb is excellent for detoxing the liver. It is beneficial in reducing inflammation, as well as regenerating the cells of the liver. It will also help to promote the production of bile, which cleans the liver and rids it of toxins.

      It is important to get this herb from an herbal supplier and not from the seasoning section of your grocery store. You will have a better level of nutrients when you purchase from a supplier over the grocery store. This herb is f in the ginger family and is in Indian dishes.

      When you begin, your journey to quit drinking you will find that you are going to need all the resources you have. You are also going to need to detoxify your body, especially the liver because it has been dealing with so many toxins. Quality herbal supplements are the ideal way to detoxify.

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