How To Treat Alcoholism At Home – 7 Proven Tricks To Cure Alcohol Addiction

How To Treat Alcoholism At HomeAlcoholism can be a very serious problem but if you suffer from it and wonder how to treat alcoholism at home you are not alone. Because millions of people have suffered from alcoholism throughout the years, there are many methods in place to help those suffering to overcome their addiction.

Best of all, many people are able to get rid of alcoholism naturally without ever having to be part of a rehab facility. There are many tips you can follow at home. If you pay attention to the following steps, you can easily discover the best method to quit alcohol.

#7 How To Treat Alcoholism At Home By Understanding The Costs Of Drinking

One of the first things you should do when you decide to treat alcoholism is closely analyze the costs associated with drinking. While you may feel there are certain benefits such as forgetting about your problems, there are even more advantages to not drinking. The financial cost of drinking is very high.

Take some time to analyze what you spend on alcohol in the average week. Multiply it by four so you get what you’re spending monthly and then by twelve for a yearly cost. Use this number to help decide on a comparable reward for your not spending money on liquor.

It is crucial that you understand this because having the proper motivation is critical. One of the most important steps in understanding how to treat alcoholism at home is knowing the financial impact of drinking. If you need to, take the time to keep the costs of drinking in mind whenever you need a reminder.

#6 Setting Up A System Of Rewards Can Be A Great Way To Treat Alcoholism

The process of recovery from alcohol is different for everyone and because of this you will need to take the time to form your own unique habits. The most important thing for you to decide is whether you want to quit drinking cold turkey or slowly cut back.

This is crucial because different goals will lead to a different set of methods to recovery. Rewards will help you stay on track and can make becoming sober easier to accomplish and even fun. If you spend fifty a week on alcohol just think what two hundred dollars can purchase at the end of the month.

Two rewards that shouldn’t be on your list are food and alcohol. You can’t bait yourself into not drinking all week with the idea you’ll reward yourself with a glass of wine on the weekend. This can easily lead to binge drinking. Likewise, don’t choose food as you may gain an unhealthy amount of weight.

#5 Get Rid Of Alcoholism Naturally By Keeping An Alcohol Diary

One of the best ways to treat alcoholism at home is to keep a diary of when you drink alcohol and this is especially important for those who choose to gradually decrease their intake over time. It will help you track your changes and adjust your drinking habits accordingly.

It is most important to keep your diary for the first few weeks of your recovery because this is when you will need the most help. But by keeping a diary, you will be held accountable for your actions and know how well you are progressing towards your goal.

You can even use this process of keeping an alcohol diary as a way to evaluate whether you even need to change your habits. If you are unsure about whether you have a problem, keep a drink diary for a week and then evaluate it at the end of the time period.

#4 Overcome Alcohol Addiction By Implementing A System Of Checks And Balances

It is almost impossible to overcome alcohol addiction without a proper support network in place to lean on when needed. It is possible but it will make your task much harder and because of this, you should make a decision to implement a check and balance system.

Decide on your own what some of your limits are. If you want to place them in the diary that’s a good way to keep track. Setting up a check would mean that if you go beyond a certain point you know it’s time to seek professional help.

Setting up the balance for this may mean looking around your friends and family to see who can help you should you find you’re unable to quit alone. You can make decide on a length of time to try quitting on your own or a series of events that illustrate your need for more support should they happen.

#3 Treat Alcoholism At Home By Changing Your Habits

As odd as it seems, making healthy lifestyle choices is actually an important step in the process of learning how to treat alcoholism at home. In many cases you will begin to neglect diet and exercise when drinking heavily so it is important to bring these elements back into your life.

In addition to helping your physical strength and overall health, taking the time to get your health on track can help to distract you from the desire to drink and indulge. Experts agree that a healthy, well-rounded diet can help you to fight cravings and urges. Greasy food can easily make you crave alcohol.

Deciding to change your diet and be very healthy will also create a mindset. This mindset can help you decide against putting toxins in your body. Make sure to add lots of leafy greens, meats that you love and other delicious treats like fresh fruit, so that you’ll stick to the new plan.

    #2 Celandine Herb Will Help You Stay Sober Naturally

    Celandine is a type of flower from the poppy family and it can actually be a great natural remedy to help you stay sober. There are several flowers that celandine can refer to so be sure to choose the right one, Chelidonium majus. This is the only one you’ll get the results you need with.

    This herbal remedy will help calm you down emotionally by reducing depression and/or anger and this can be a huge benefit when suffering from cravings or withdrawal. It can also help you increase your concentration and mental acuity, which in turn will make it easier to quit drinking.

    In addition to healing you mentally, celandine can also help your body overcome the damage due to alcohol and it particularly helps your liver. It is such a powerful detoxifier for the liver that it can even help with some cases of cirrhosis. You can find it at some health food stores and often online.

      #1 Quit Alcohol With The Help Of Echinacea Supplement

      Echinacea is a remedy that has been part of traditional herbal medicine for centuries. It has been used over the years to treat alcohol abuse as well as other related symptoms such as headaches and hangovers. Some experts think that it can even help with withdrawal.

      There was a fairly recent study that dramatically showed the power of Echinacea in reducing the toxins in the liver. Researchers found that those who had Echinacea supplements daily for a week would show significantly smaller amounts of toxins in their liver than those who hadn’t. The results have been used to encourage others to benefit from its properties.

      As with all herbal remedies, taking a careful look at medications you are on is important. Do your research to make sure there are no interactions between it and any prescriptions you take. Despite this, it is not only safe, but also incredibly helpful for most people who are trying to overcome alcoholism. You can find this supplement at many nutritional stores and online sites.

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