Quit Drinking Alcohol On Your Own With These 7 Powerful Methods

Quit Drinking Alcohol On Your OwnThe realization that your life can be happier and healthier has led you to the decision to quit drinking on your own. Time, money, happiness and health can all be sacrifices if your lifestyle involves abuse of alcohol or too much recreational drinking. Looking at every aspect of your life and how alcohol affects you will lead to healthier decisions.

Alcohol will affect how you function in daily life. It interrupts healthy sleep, it inhibits healthy diet, it can replace a hobby, and more. Making changes to bring back a healthy lifestyle and quit drinking will have long-term effects that will make you a happier, healthier person.

#7 Quit Drinking On Your Own By Creating Healthy Sleep Habits

Often people will use alcohol to aid in sleep. Alcohol is a depressant, so it makes you sleepy after a glass or two. Sleep with the aid of alcohol tends to be unhealthy and interrupted by trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night and inconsistent breathing during sleep.

Instead of feeling refreshed, you feel tired when you wake up. The interruptions in sleep aided by alcohol can lead to bad dreams and stopping breathing while sleeping. Using alcohol as a sleep agent can actually give you worse sleep than getting a few hours of non-alcohol induced sleep.

To change this pattern, you have to make new ones. Go to bed at the same time every night and don’t take daytime naps. Avoid drinking coffee or soda and smoking in the evening as these stimulate the system. You can also spend some time outside going on a walk or doing yard work as moderate exercise will make your body want to rest at the end of the day.

#6 Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own By Having A Healthy Diet

Drinking alcohol that compliments a good meal is a fun social activity. However, if you are a heavy drinker or someone who can’t stop drinking once you start, creating a healthy diet is necessary in your goal to quit drinking on your own. Eating a variety of foods will help you start new eating habits.

A good habit to create is to eat before you start drinking. This will cause your body to absorb the alcohol more slowly and you will already feel full, which will lead to your drinking less. You can also choose your favorite healthy foods to eat instead of alcohol.

Make sure you are getting plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables along with protein. Foods high in protein will help the body repair, provide energy and make you feel fuller, which will lead to less drinking. Healthy foods will also make you feel better, which will also lead to less drinking.

#5 Best Way To Stop Drinking Alcohol Is By Staying Busy

One huge reason why people drink is that they simply have nothing else to do. They create a pattern of coming home, turning on the television and opening a can of beer or making a cocktail. They have a couple drinks and fall asleep in front of the television. This is not a healthy lifestyle.

If this sounds familiar, it is time to get busy. An easy way to do this is to pick up an old hobby. Instead of turning on the television, pull out an old project. You can also pick up a new hobby by taking classes. It is the perfect opportunity to learn something new or advance a skill long forgotten.

You can also stay busy by volunteering in your community. Not only does this give you something to do in your spare time that does not involve drinking, but it is also a service to others doing good in your world. You will meet new people and create new habits that lead to a healthier life.

#4 Quit Drinking Liquor Without AA By Keeping An Alcohol Log

You may her many times from people that you should join Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). However, you may not feel that this is the right choice for you. If you choose to stop drinking on your own, one eye-opening step is to keep an alcohol log.

Every day write down how much alcohol you are consuming. This will help you to keep track of how often you drink, what you are drinking and in what context you participate with alcohol. The results may be surprising because drinking often occurs without much thought.

Once you have kept an alcohol log for a few months, go back and see if you have changed patterns from the first week. Try to set goals based on your own drinking schedule. If you find you have three drinks every night, try to only have one or only drink three nights per week. These changes will help in the process to quit drinking.

#3 Daily Exercise Is A Great Way To Stop Drinking

Drinking alcohol is directly related to depression, lack of energy and poor health habits. You can change this by participating in daily exercise. There are many health benefits that are linked with the process to stop drinking alcohol. Exercise will keep you busy and give you more energy.

If you are not one to go work out or if you haven’t exercised in years, you can take small steps in daily exercise. Start small with a walk around the block or a beginning yoga class. As your body gets used to moving around more, you will be able to do more. No one expects you to get off the couch and go right into running a marathon.

Taking daily exercise slowly has an added bonus that you will probably lose fat and gain muscle. Exercise also helps in heart health and combats depression. You also won’t be drinking alcohol while you are exercising, which adds to cutting back on consumption.

    #2 Give Up Liquor By Calculating The Cost Of Alcohol

    Sometimes drinking has become such a habit that you forget to consider the monetary cost of alcohol. This could be putting a big dent in your paycheck and that money could be going toward other goals you may have. Vacations, home additions, new car or opening day tickets may become a reality if you start keeping track of alcohol spending.

    If you have kept an alcohol log, go back and evaluate how much you drink in a week. If you are drinking two bottles of rum per week at $15.00 per bottle, that is $30 a week, over $120 a month and $1560 per year. The cost of alcohol really adds up quick.

    Prepare a budget that acts as a guideline for how much per week you allow yourself to spend on alcohol. Take the savings from the difference and tuck it away for a special treat a year from now. This will make your goal to quit drinking on your own even more rewarding.

      #1 Cure Alcoholism Can Become Easier By Staying Happy

      Staying happy sounds easy enough, but alcohol can lead to depression, which is not a happy state of being. Figuring out what makes you happy might be difficult, so you will have to analyze from day to day what that magic happy thing for you is so that you can turn it into a habit.

      Drinking heavily will not make you happy. It leads to unhealthy lifestyle and memory loss from day to day. Think about the last time you woke up and felt truly good. Consider what you did the day before and if you can do it again. Even if you feel you haven’t been happy for years, you can go back to something that made you happy in your youth.

      Possibly there are people in your life that make you happy. Happiness may be with your children or grandchildren, a childhood friend or cousin, a coworker or teammate. Write them a letter or give them a call. Plan a trip to see the people that make you happiest because if you are happy you are less likely to keep drinking.

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