Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own Using 7 Sure-Fire Tricks

Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your OwnAlcohol is a force in your life and you are questioning if it is time to stop drinking on your own. It is not an easy decision to make. It seems like there is advice everywhere and it is hard to know what to believe or what will work for you.

Everyone has different reactions to alcohol, drinks in different situations, and drinks different amounts of alcohol at different times. Knowing what will be the most successful for you in your quest to stop drinking is for you to determine, but these helpful tips give you a good place to start.

#7 Stop Drinking On Your Own By Determining If You Have A Problem

Take a good, hard look at your life and the way you use alcohol. Determining if you have a problem is a good starting point. If friends or family have taken you aside and suggested that you quit drinking alcohol, then you might have a problem.

Consider how much you are drinking in a daily or weekly basis. Drinking a glass of wine at dinner or having a couple of beers during the game does not mean you necessarily need to stop drinking. However, if you begin drinking and can’t stop until you are drunk, then quitting is the option you need to take.

Making the realization that you do have a problem is the starting point to changing your life. It needs to be your decision, not anyone else’s decision for you. You will be successful in your goal if you remember that you do have a problem, what that problem is, and how you can overcome it and stop drinking on your own.

#6 Quit Drinking Alcohol On Your Own By Announcing Goal Publicly

Looking at your social life is important in sticking with your goal to quit consuming booze. Knowing where you are drinking most and who you are drinking with is important to quit drinking alcohol on your own. It is necessary to let your supporters know that you are quitting drinking alcohol.

There are many temptations to lure you back into drinking alcohol, and you will most likely submit to them unless you have the support of everyone around you. Strong supporters will keep you on track and help you achieve your goal, even when you really want to participate in drinking in a social situation.

Letting friends and family know will be hard, but you can utilize technology to make the process easier. Post an announcement on Facebook or Twitter. You could also just make a simple phone call or text message. If they don’t know, they can’t help you and they will want to help and support your decision to stop drinking alcohol on your own.

#5 How To Give Up Alcohol By Throwing It All Away

Your goal to give up liquor on your own will be a lot easier if you look at how to give up alcohol by getting rid of all of it. It will probably be painful, but either giving your personal stash away or dumping it down the drain will eliminate temptations. Having bottles of booze in your house will only make the process agonizing and more difficult.

The process doesn’t end at getting rid of just the alcohol. You will need to get rid of everything that reminds you of drinking. T-shirts with alcohol beverage logos, posters, your favorite drinking glass and other memorabilia need to be out of your sight to lower temptations.

It is also important to look at the pictures in your home or on social media. Choose to display pictures of yourself when you are sober and without a drink in hand. This will act as a reminder of good times without alcohol and will help you in your goal to cut back on beer on your own.

#4 Cut Back On Alcohol By Setting Achievable Goals

While you are quitting drinking, you will notice that you crave alcohol. Using home remedies to deal with these cravings will help aid in the process of quitting. Dates are known to reduce and control cravings of alcohol.

To use this remedy at home, you can crush five dates and mix in an eight ounce glass of water. If you drink this mixture two to three times per day, it will keep cravings in control because it replaces the sugar found in alcohol with healthy sugar from the date. Dates are also packed with healthy vitamins to help your body combat cravings.

Continue to drink this mixture for about a month after you quit drinking. Each day you will feel your cravings become weaker while you substitute the alcohol you crave with the date mixture. Using home remedies will help make the quitting process smoother and without as much relapse.

#3 Buying Lower ABV Brands Is An Effective Remedy To Give Up Booze

Alcohol by volume (ABV) is an important indicator in how much you are drinking and in looking at remedies to give up booze. It is easy to find brands that offer a lower ABV and even wines and beers that have no alcohol at all.

Take a look at what you usually drink. If you typically consume a bottle of wine per day at 13% ABV, choose a bottle that is 11% ABV. That adds up to cutting out 28 glasses of wine per month. Likewise, if you drink five cans of beer per night at 5.2% ABV, choose a beer that is only 3.6% ABV. That adds up to drinking 46 fewer cans of beer per month.

If hard liquor such as vodka or rum is what you typically drink, cut it with water, soda or juice or add more ice. If you usually consume 2 shots, have one shot of alcohol and one of water over ice. This will help you in giving up booze by lowering the ABV of the alcohol you are consuming.

    #2 Reduce Alcohol Consumption By Changing Social Interactions

    Changing your social interactions is necessary to reduce alcohol consumption and accomplish your goal to quit consuming alcohol on your own. A change in pattern and behavior will help in cutting back on what and how much you are drinking. To do this, you need to consider where you do most of your drinking.

    If you drink with friends at the bar, try to open your home up to them as an alternative. You could also suggest that your group meets at a different public location without alcohol, such as a coffee shop. Being honest with your friend group and asking for their support will be necessary for them to change habits and rituals within the group.

    If you usually drink at home, reach out to friends and family and make plans with them. If you are with people who are supporting you in your goal to stop drinking on your own, they will help you in making healthy decisions. Changing your social norms will lower temptations and make reducing alcohol consumption easier.

      #1 Treatment for Alcoholism Through Self Detoxification

      One way to quit alcohol is to seek treatment for alcoholism through detoxification. This is a process that rids the body of toxins and will help to wean you off of alcohol. If you feel you have alcoholism, participating in detoxification methods could make your process to give up booze a bit easier.

      If you choose to self-detox, begin by drinking a lot of fluids such as water, juice or caffeine-free teas. This will help to flush your system, ridding it of toxins from alcohol. You will also need to eat light proteins such as chicken or fish. Protein will provide the body with necessary energy as it works to flush out toxins.

      While detoxing, avoid fatty foods, caffeine and cigarettes to help your body focus on flushing the toxins from alcohol. This route involves complete abstinence from alcohol after detoxification; however it highly aids in withdrawal and can make your goal to achievable.

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