Tips To Stop Drinking Alcohol – 7 Powerful Methods To Quit Drinking Effortlessly

Tips To Stop Drinking AlcoholMaking the decision to cut alcohol out of your life also means looking for tips to stop drinking. Seeking advice from others will help you better choose a path that will give you the end result you are seeking. Along with practical, logical tips, spiritual suggestions should also be considered.

Drinking is often a spiritual experience and has replaced the role of self-esteem, religion, feelings and emotions in your life. When you quit drinking, you will need to replace the alcohol with some or all of those things that you have forgotten over the years. It is a process that you can control and you can have peace and fulfillment back as a driving force in your life.

#7 Cutting Back On Sugar Is A Proven Tip To Stop Drinking

Drinking alcohol can make you feel good in the moment, but the short and long-term effects of alcohol can be devastating to your body. If you have past health issues, or if there are certain health issues in your family history such as high blood pressure or diabetes, quitting drinking could end up saving your life.

There is a lot of sugar in alcohol and your body can become dependent on that sugar, giving you diabetes and other health issues. When you are quitting drinking, your body will crave this sugar and you may find yourself turning to sweets. Instead of replacing alcohol with candy bars and ice cream, instead cut out alcohol and sugar.

This probably makes the decision to quit drinking seem even more difficult. However, if you cut out sugar and alcohol, you will be less likely to suffer from cravings or urges for alcohol in the future.  Think about why you would put your body through that if all it takes is quitting drinking alcohol and cutting out sugar to save your life.

#6 Quit Drinking Alcohol On Your Own With Weekly Massages

It probably won’t take many people much convincing to go get a massage and this is one of the best tips to stop drinking.  As stress is a common reason many begin abusing alcohol in the first place and because quitting drinking contributes even more stress, massages are a logical choice for anyone who is cutting alcohol out of their lives.

Using scented lotions or oils during a massage can help to further relax you during a massage. Getting a massage weekly or even daily when you first stop drinking, helps to increase blood circulation and relaxes the muscles, melting stress away.

Drink plenty of water after your massage as that will help to flush out the toxins released from the muscles due to the pressure during the massage. Those toxins hold linger effects of alcohol and are important to rid from your system. Massage is an excellent choice when quitting drinking to add a little pleasure to a very stressful decision.

#5 How To Give Up Alcohol With An Apple Diet

When you give up liquor, you will find that you not only crave alcohol from time to time, but you will also crave sugar. Either one of these cravings can lead you to really wanting a drink. Instead of cracking, grab an apple instead.

Apples are a naturally cleansing food for the human body by speeding up the elimination of toxin build-up from alcohol use. Apples also have a high water content, which aids in speeding up recovery time for the liver, kidneys and digestive tract, which are all heavily negatively affected with alcohol abuse.

There is the added bonus that apples can be eaten at any time you have a craving to drink alcohol or eat sugar. Slice up a few apples every morning to keep with you throughout the day to munch on. They will flush your system and take the place of actually giving into having a drink.

#4 Cut Back On Alcohol By Avoiding Complacency

You may find that you use drinking as a way to fill up time. If you are home alone, you might find yourself making a drink because you are simply bored. Complacency is not a suitable reason to drink and you have the power to change what is happening in your life to avoid it.

Look around your living space and really focus on things you want to change. If you come home and you are finding yourself bored, start a new project to make your living arrangements better. This will keep you busy and help you avoid drinking.

You can also make plans with friends or join a community organization, volunteer, or start a hobby to help keep busy. Replace the time you spent drinking with productive, healthy activities. These tips to stop drinking will boost your self-esteem and cause you want to drink less naturally.

#3 Acupuncture Is An Effective Remedy To Give Up Booze

One reason many turn to the bottle on a regular basis is because of stress. Many alcohol abusers suffer from high anxiety and depression and use alcohol to self-medicate their negative feelings. One way to better deal with stress and to aid in the quitting process is acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a needle-based therapy often used in chiropractor’s offices and has long been used in ancient medicine. It helps reduce stress and anxiety and it is also known to reduce alcohol cravings and relieve withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting drinking alcohol.

While you are in the early stages of quitting drinking, it is recommended that you have acupuncture therapy daily to help reduce stress. As time goes on and cravings become less intense, you can cut your acupuncture therapy back to every other day and then down to once per week. This simple procedure can drastically cut down the stress in your life and help you avoid booze.

    #2 Reduce Alcohol Consumption Through Heightened Confidence

    Drinking consistently will slowly wear down on your confidence to do things right or well. You may have been thinking about quitting drinking for a long time, but don’t have the confidence to believe that you can. You need to make changes to give you confidence back in your life so that you can accomplish your goal to quit drinking.

    One way to build confidence is to help others. Making other people happy makes us happy. It makes us stronger and gives us a desire to do it again. This builds confidence and makes you surer of yourself in accomplishing goals. You can also get physical. Exercise is a great way to build confidence as you will have more energy and probably lose weight. You will look and feel better about yourself.

    Sitting at the bar with a drink in your hand saying, “I can’t do it” really will not get you anywhere. But taking that first step to helping others or hitting the gym will give you just a little boost in believe in yourself.

      #1 Treatment For Alcoholism With Milk Thistle

      A commonly found herb to treat alcoholism is milk thistle. This ancient herb has been used for thousands of years to treat liver problems. It can be found at most drug stores in capsule form and can be very beneficial when taken once daily to help repair liver damage from drinking too much alcohol for long periods of time.

      Milk thistle contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial to the liver and can reverse some of the damage done to your liver through excessive drinking. Along with healing from damage, milk thistle also helps to protect the liver from future toxins you may ingest.

      Once you decide to quit drinking, use milk thistle to protect your body from the inside and repair damage already done. Looking to herbs as tips to stop drinking can be very successful if taken regularly with the end goal at the front of your mind.

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