Thinking “I Need To Stop Drinking Alcohol”? Here’s How You Can Do It!

I Need To Stop Drinking AlcoholWhen your life has become controlled by alcohol, you realize, “I need to stop drinking.” You are tired of booze controlling your decision and your personality. You are tired of being associated as being the drunken friend. You are ready for a change that means ditching alcohol for good.

The decision to quit is difficult and the actual process is frustrating. However, you can utilize a lot of different techniques to make the process easier and give you the ability to manage your new life. Ditching booze will make your life more whole and help you rebuild relationships with loved ones.

#7 Kudzu Root Can Help You Stop Drinking

When you decide to stop drinking, you may look for aids to help with the process. Kudzu Root is a well-known herb that has long been used in Chinese culture to ease the effects of quitting drinking alcohol. It reduces the desire for liquor, decreases the amount of booze one drinks and also prevents hangovers.

Kudzu Root increases circulation, which decreases the effects of liquor on the system and prevents muscle tightness and aches that can show up as withdrawal symptoms when you quit drinking beer. Kudzu Root also lowers a racing pulse caused by stress. Since stress is a reason for drinking, this remedy will keep your stress level in check to reduce the amount you want to drink.

You can find Kudzu Root in pill form, extract or powder form. You will need to ingest about 1.5 grams of kudzu root twice daily to help reduce cravings and stress. Quitting drinking can be made easier with the aid of home remedies such as kudzu root.

#6 Quit Drinking Alcohol On Your Own By Being Easy On Yourself

Often when we make a goal, we are very hard on ourselves when we slip up and make a mistake. The decision to quit drinking after liquor has become a driving force in your life is very difficult. It is likely that you will have times of weakness and give into temptation, cravings and social pressures.

Don’t beat yourself up over a mistake. Being down on yourself will simply lead to more and more negative thoughts and you will find yourself wanting to drink to mask that disappointment. This is counterproductive to your overall goal to stop drinking alcohol.

Instead, think about why you slipped up and learn from it. If there was an unexpected temptation, you will now know to avoid that. If you gave into a craving, you can now make a plan for something to do or someone to call when the next craving hits. Use your mistake as a learning experience instead of a negative experience that will cause you to drink more.

#5 How To Give Up Alcohol Through The Grape Diet

If you are looking to give up drinking and want a totally new way of approaching quitting, the grape diet may be right for you. Grapes help reduce alcohol cravings through the quitting process. They also flush the body of alcohol as they have high water content and vitamins to repair damage to your body caused by liquor consumption.

Drinking grape juice or eating grapes every five hours will help the body deal with the lack of alcoholic beverages. You should not eat any other foods, but drink plenty of water and take a daily multivitamin. The grapes are alcohol in its purest form and replace the booze your body is used to taking in.

Continue this diet for up to three weeks. It acts as a body cleanse and alcohol detox. After three weeks on the grape diet, start to reintroduce fruits and vegetables into your diet. As your body gets used to food without alcohol, you can begin to introduce proteins and carbohydrates as well. When it seems difficult, keep reminding yourself, “I need to stop drinking.”

#4 Cut Back On Alcohol By Scheduling Drink-Free Days

If you are a daily drinking, cutting alcohol out of your life cold turkey will seem daunting and impossible. Instead of seeing it as a giant, unachievable goal, take smaller steps to cut out booze. You can choose specific days that you will remain sober.

Cut out alcohol for a 24 hour period one day per week. It helps to make other plans to keep yourself busy during that time so that you won’t be tempted to give in. Find friends to be around or work in a project you have been meaning to complete.

It also helps to write down how you are feeling during your alcohol free day. Do this for several weeks in a row. When it starts to get easier, add another day for two alcohol free days per week. Continue this process until you are up to entire weeks that are alcohol free and you will have accomplished your goal to quit drinking.

#3 Self Rewards Are Great Remedies To Give Up Booze

Aside from drinking, think of a source of enjoyment in your life. Perhaps you favor sweet desserts or going to the theater or watching a great movie. Perhaps it is vacationing in a tropical place or skiing black diamond trails in the mountains. Whatever it is, use these as rewards.

When you make small goals for yourself, you can reward yourself with your favorite things. If you quit drinking for a day and you feel proud, allow yourself a candy bar or a movie out. If you go two months with no alcohol and want to take a weekend trip to see a favorite friend, reward yourself with that trip.

Rewarding yourself will keep you motivated and moving toward your goal to give up booze. You should be proud of the steps you accomplish that keep you moving. Allow yourself to feel good about your progress and enjoy yourself with your favorite treats.

    #2 Reduce Alcohol Consumption With A Phone Call

    You will periodically feel urges to drink during your process in quitting. These cravings can be very intense and you will convince yourself that, “Just one will be fine.” These are the moments that a phone call can make all the difference.

    Plan ahead and ask a trusted friend or family member to be on call whenever you need. Your cravings will come at any hour of the day or night, so let this person know that you may really need them when they least expect it. Tell them that it will be that phone call that may convince you not to have a drink.

    When you are having a craving, remind yourself with, “I need to stop drinking.” Then pick up the phone and call your trusted friend. Even if they aren’t answering their phone, keep trying to call someone. Find anyone to talk to through your craving to keep you from having that drink.

      #1 Treatment For Alcoholism Through Volunteer Work

      You may discover that once you quit drinking you will feel as though you have nothing to do with your time. When you were drinking, your time was filled with alcohol-related activity, even if it was just sitting on the couch watching television. Now that you aren’t drinking, you may be feeling the urge to do something more.

      Volunteering in your community is an excellent way to fill your time and avoid alcohol. The personal rewards from helping others will also help to boost your self-esteem and give you positive thoughts to keep you on the right track.

      Helping others is beneficial all around. You will be volunteering to make someone else’s life better and they, in turn, will be making you feel better. This could be the key to making your goal to stop drinking a reality and bring about a happier, healthier lifestyle with new, healthy, positive relationships.

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