Quit Drinking Alcohol Without AA With These 7 Fantastic Tips

Quit Drinking Alcohol Without AaAlcohol has taken over your life and your thoughts and you are looking at how to quit drinking without AA. The idea of going to an organized meeting may be overwhelming for you, or perhaps you are embarrassed or think you will see someone you know. Whatever the reason, you are seeking some tips on how to quit drinking.

Quitting an old habit alone will require you to take an honest look at your life to realize how much you depend on alcohol. Knowing what role alcohol is playing and how much time is spent around alcohol is important when you are trying to cut it out of your life.

#7 How To Quit Drinking Without AA By Finding Your Habits

Right now you probably drink without thinking. Anytime you feel stressed or bored or lonely, you go and grab a beer or make yourself a cocktail. It is easy because it is readily available. However, being aware of your habits will better prepare you for quitting.

Notice when you most want to be drinking. If it is just on the weekends with friends, then you need to prepare yourself for noticing what setting you drink in and how much. If you drink after work to distress, pay attention to what you are drinking and how many glasses you have.

It is also important to notice your habits in what triggers your need to drink. There is a difference between drinking for social pressure or impression and drinking because you are stressed, lonely or depressed. Being prepared for what your drinking habits are will better prepare you for how to quit drinking.

#6 Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own With An Alcohol Diary

You need to make a goal to write down what you are drinking and how much every single day for a month. You have to be honest with yourself and commit to writing down every drink. Do not make rules like, “This is a special occasion, so this drink doesn’t count.” Every drink must count for the whole month.

Along with what you are drinking and how  much, you can also write down what the reason is for drinking. If it is a special occasion, you can note that. If you are having a drink at a business meeting, make note of it. If you are drinking during a big game, write it down.

Keeping an alcohol diary may open your eyes to how much alcohol you are actually consuming. It will also make you more aware of drinking and it will become less easy and natural. Knowing you must own up to your drinking habit by recording it will aid you in your goal to quit drinking alcohol.

#5 Best Way To Stop Drinking Alcohol Through Moderation

When you go out with friends on a weekend to a club or a party, you may find that it is easy and common to get drunk. When you are home watching the game and drinking beer, it is pretty easy to throw back a 12 pack without much thought. This level of drinking is keeping alcohol in control of your life.

Make it a goal to drink in moderation. Instead of buying a 12 pack for the game, only buy a 6 pack. Instead of taking your credit card to the club, only pay in cash. Find ways to better monitor how much you are drinking in every situation.

It is easy to lose track of how much alcohol you are consuming. The more you drink, the more you forget about how much you have had. Making the choice to only drink a certain amount and sticking with it will help you accomplish your goal is one way to look at how to quit drinking without AA.

#4 Quit Drinking Liquor Without AA By Breaking Old Habits

Sometimes we turn to alcohol just simply out of habit. You may not even desire a drink, but because you are doing the same old routine, you find yourself with a drink in your hand. This can lead to drinking during times that are unexpected.

You will need to break these old habits by replacing them with new things. Find new ways of doing things that will help you to avoid the same old routine. If you always have a drink when you get home from work, try to take a different route home to get your mind thinking of other things.

If you always have a drink with dinner, try buying a favorite soda to have instead. Find something to look forward to that will help break your old habits of drinking. The more new habits you can create without alcohol, the better your chances to quit drinking will be.

#3 Giving Up Drinking Becomes Simpler When You Start Engaging In New Activity

When you quit drinking alcohol, you will find that you need something new to fill your life. Filling the time that you used to drink is very important in the quitting process. It will help you stay on track and also help you deal with cravings for alcohol.

Take this as an opportunity to pick up a new hobby. Many communities offer classes to learn a new skill or get into shape. You can become more involved in your community and improve your life with activity at the same time.

You can also look at activities you used to enjoy before alcohol took over. Maybe you really enjoyed cooking or baking. Perhaps you did woodworking or worked on old cars. Whatever your hobby, you can pick it up on your own or find a community group that enjoys doing the same thing. Engaging in any activity during the time that you usually drink will help you reach your goal to cut alcohol from your life for good.

    #2 You Can Give Up Liquor Through A Healthy Diet

    While you have been drinking, you have probably also let your good choices in food go to the wayside. Along with alcohol comes unhealthy snack food such as potato chips, cheese sticks, greasy burgers and high-calorie sauces. Getting your body on the right track will help you   when looking at how to quit drinking without AA.

    Ditch the unhealthy snack food and greasy fast foods. Instead, fill your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat baked or broiled protein every day to keep healthy energy going. Prepare meals low in oils and fats and high in vitamins through fresh foods.

    Filling your body with healthy food will aid in curbing cravings for alcohol. Once your body gets a taste of a healthy diet, it will crave that instead. Keeping your stomach full will also help you to drink less overall as you won’t have as much space for liquor. Stay focused on making your whole life healthier without alcohol and with healthy foods.

      #1 Get Rid Of Alcoholism By Drinking More Water

      Along with creating a healthy diet with good foods, you will also need to drink more water. One reason you may find yourself drinking more than you think is simply because you are thirsty. Instead of going for a glass of water, you go for a glass of wine. Alcohol dehydrates you, which causes you to drink more wine and the cycle goes around and around until you are drunk.

      If you stay hydrated with plenty of water, you will be less likely to as much alcohol. Instead, you will be able to enjoy your alcoholic beverage rather than gulping it down out of thirst. Water also helps to keep your stomach fuller, which causes you to drink less alcohol.

      Being hydrated gives you a clearer, better working mind and body. A healthy diet of good food and plenty of water will aid you in your goal to stop drinking alcohol.

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